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diamond design Annual Support Agreements

Experienced Phone Support Standard & Extended VIP Hours

Our team has fielded remote technical support calls since 2008. If you have an issue popping up, we've likely seen it and squashed it.

Alarm Monitoring Intrusion, Medical & Fire Monitoring

Enjoy peace of mind with intrusion, medical and fire alarm monitoring with Alarm.com. Homeowners often obtain a deduction on home insurance premiums with our monitoring.

Remote Equipment Monitoring OVRC, Greenlight & dd Support Server

We can monitor your Wi-Fi, network, Zigbee devices and more with our remote monitoring tools. Frequently we are able to resolve a problem before you are aware there is one.

The diamond design team On-Site & Remote Support by our Experts

We cut our teeth on remote installs and then honed our skills with super complex large scale projects. Our team is truly filled with overqualified individuals.

First Class Support

Reserved Parking for our VIP Clients

All Platinum VIP Annual Support clients are entitled to utilize our reserved parking at any current and future diamond design showrooms.

Next Generation Support Vehicles

Our support vehicles are late model commercial vans with the tools, equipment and supplies our technicians to resolve solutions in one trip. Our Ford fleet gets great fuel economy which also helps the environment. These large capacity vehicles with great fuel range enable us to serve a large geographic market.

Expert Support from our masterminds

By utilizing elite technicians and programmers with extensive on-site and remote support experience,
our team is able to solve virtually all issues in a timely manner.

Support Desk