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diamond design Showroom

diamond design Showroom

Huge Facility with Over 100 Parking Spaces

At 5,000 sq. ft., our showroom and design center is one of the largest dedicated facilities in the U.S. It is easy to find and with over 100 parking spaces there's always plenty of room. Stop by anytime during our normal business hours.

Control4 Showroom

Evening Hours Available by Appointment

Busy working during our normal business hours? Feel free to Contact Us to arrange for a private evening appointment with our staff.

Zero Edge Aquarium

Zero Edge Infinity Marine Aquarium

Kids and adults alike love our Zero Edge saltwater aquarium that flows over the sides of the glass like an infinity pool. Come say "Hi" to Dory and Nemo.

Episode Speaker Wall

Experience our Live Demo Speaker Wall

Whether you are buying speakers for a current install or are building a new home and would like to experience the differences between our various speaker lines, in real-time, our speaker wall can help you decide.

diamond design AV

Retail A/V Components

We display and stock a variety of Blu-ray players, receivers, turntables, amplifiers, network switches, Wi-Fi access points, Nest products, network cables, audio cables, video cables and much more.

Control4 Fireplace

Modern Flames Stocking Dealer.

We carry the entire line of Modern Flames electric fireplaces. We often have various sizes and configurations in stock and we have two separate units on display. One in our office and one in the Family Room. The units are fully controlled by Control4.

diamond design Control4 Lighting

Sonos Kiosk

As an official Sonos stocking dealer we have every Sonos item on display and almost always in stock in all available colors. Our staff will allow you to demo the various models and assist you with your purchase decisions.

Sony Portable Audio

Portable Audio and Turntables

We stock, display and demo a wide variety of Sony portable audio products. We also display and demo Music Hall turntables and amplifiers. Feel free to bring your own vinyl or demo with our selection of records.

Sony Headphone Station

diamond design headphone station

Interested in headphones? Use our DAC and our headphone station audio player to demo ear-buds and headphones ranging from $50 to $1100. Feel free to take a pair to our turntable station to demo them with our Music Hall headphone amplifier and your favorite vinyl.

Showroom Theater High End

High-End 4k Atmos Theater

If you are interested in building a home theater, our "Red" theater is a great way to sample the latest and greatest in technology with its 4K Ultra-HD Sony projector, Marantz Pre/Pro Dolby Atmos sound system, seating by Elite and Salamander, a masking Vision-X screen, and star ceiling.

Showroom Theater Entry Level

Introductory 1080p Theater

Interested in a home theater on a budget? Our "Gold" theater features budget friend projection by Sony, seating by Ashley, Dragon Fly screen, and a very nice receiver from Marantz. Come see what we can do on a tight budget.

Control4 Family Room

Get Cozy in our Family Room

Our family room features in-wall and in-ceiling surround sound speakers and subs as well as an option to turn off those speakers and listen to surround sound provided exclusively by Sonos speakers and subs. We also have lamp, fan speed and fireplace control with Control4.

Control4 Door

Foyer Door Control and Security

Our real yet fake front door in our foyer helps simulate the doorbell camera, two-way audio, motorized door lock, security, sconce and exterior lighting control, Control4 touchscreen and other features we typically install in residential foyers.

Control4 Kitchen

Fully Functioning Demo Kitchen

Why does our kitchen have granite counter tops and soft-close drawers? Because our clients have these features in their homes and all of our rooms are designed to assist with the actual-use experience. Our kitchen includes a back splash mounted and waterproof recessed TV.

Control4 Foyer

Plush Waiting Room

Brining someone along that isn't as excited about your smart home or man cave as you are? Our waiting area is plush with reading materials, two televisions, and music. We also offer free high-speed Wi-Fi to our guests.

Control4 Showroom Foyer

Big Green Egg Shopping

Our waiting area also has a Big Green Egg kiosk complete with herbs, spices, charcoal, wood chips, racks, and all the tools and toys you could ever need for your Big Green Egg. We also have a few Big Green Eggs built and on display and stock most sizes and accessories.

diamond design Decor

Over the top Restrooms

Even our restrooms are built to resemble the build quality our clients use in their residences. With floating concrete sinks, matching toilets and Control4 fan and lighting control, our restrooms evidence our commitment to quality.

diamond design Office

Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

Whether you are in to buy a 10' HDMI cable or to discuss having our team assist in your Smart Home build, our staff is ready to help. If you prefer a private meeting and tour, please do not hesitate to ask and feel free to bring along your builder, architect and interior designer.

Control4 Fountain Control

Fully Functional Outdoor Room

Our "Outdoor Room" demonstrates our ability to control fountains, ponds, outdoor waterproof speakers, outdoor waterproof televisions, and exterior security features.

Sunbrite Waterproof TV

Make it Rain

How tough is our Sunbrite outdoor television? Push the rain button on the wall and watch it rain on the TV for 12 seconds, full blast while watching DirecTV or AppleTV. Just be careful not to get wet!

Ohio Smart Home Showroom

Take your Time

Our showroom and experience center is plush yet full of technology, both hidden and on display. Budget an hour to allow a full tour and plenty of time to ask questions of our knowledgeable staff.

Have a $100 Candy Bar

Private aircraft owners use the term $100 burger when flying somewhere to eat just to have an excuse to fly.
If you have a plane, we will gladly provide free shuttle to and from KHTS or KHTW and the diamond design candy bar is free!

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