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Who we are

Control4 Experts

It isn't just a domain name. . . we are the Control4 experts

It is fitting that www.Control4.expert leads to diamond design. We have always been, and will continue to be, extremely selective in choosing team members. We only select individuals that are proven as elite programmers both on-site and remotely. We have, on numerous occasions, removed Crestron installs in excess of $250,000.00 and replaced with Control4 to huge success. We have some of the largest Control4 installs on the planet with residential projects over 25,000, 30,000 and even 45,000 sq. ft. We've installed in planes and yachts. We frequently create custom drivers for ourselves, other Control4 dealers and equipment manufacturers that seek Control4 integration. We also specialize in home theaters from affordable media rooms to million dollar 24 channel and 32 channel screening rooms. While large, complex installs is our specialty, we offer services for virtually all budgets and treat all of our clients with equal respect. Whether you need simple remote programming or high-end integration, our masterminds can help.

Our history

  • From rural to worldwide

    We formed diamond design, LLC in 2008 as a home theater, smart home and home security organization to satisfy the void in our rural footprint. Due to the limited competition, growth has been exponential. Equally exponential has been the growth of our footprint. We have transitioned to a local firm operating out of a truck to servicing clients all over the U.S. as well as in Bermuda, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, Anguilla and even Australia. We have also completed installs in large private aircraft, yachts and football stadium sky-boxes.

  • Showroom in the Middle of Nowhere

    In 2013 we began the development of one of the largest and most impressive experience centers in the U.S. Our current showroom is over 5,000 sq. ft. of dedicated floorspace with a 3,000 sq. ft. expansion slated for 2016. Because the facility is located in a rural market, it is common to have clients come by car or by air from significant distances to see our "fly-in" showroom.

  • diamond design, LLC Named as CE Pro Rising Star

    Rising Star - CE Pro Magazine

    CE Pro Magazine created a list of the twenty-five fastest growing integrators in the US and diamond design was chosen as one of these Rising Stars. Check out the full list.

Job opportunities

diamond design Job Opportunities

Masterminds Only

If you are interested in joining the diamond design team then we already appreciate your good taste. We encourage your application. Simply e-mail your resume by choosing the opportunity link below.

The diamond design team Our senior executives

James Graley

James Graley - President

James founded diamond design in 2008. He is Sales, Tech I and Tech II Certified by Control4, has an undergraduate degree in IT from Marshall University, a law degree from The Ohio State University, and still serves as lead designer and lead programmer on many larger projects.

6270 County Rd. 107
Proctorville, Ohio 45669
337.446.4601 (designin01), Ext. 104
Cresson Smith

Cresson Smith - Vice President

Cresson is one of the original employees of diamond design and now serves as executive Vice President. He is Sales, Tech I and Tech II Certified by Control4, attended Ohio University and serves as project manager and lead programmer on numerous Ohio based projects.

6270 County Rd. 107
Proctorville, Ohio 45669
337.446.4601 (designin01), Ext. 103

our advantages

  • Superior Talent at every position

    From our top executives to our sales team, diamond design has superior talent at all levels. We are highly selective and focus extensively on training and advancement opportunities. It is our people that is our primary strength.

  • Passion for the industry and extensive Experience

    Each of our team members loves their job and what they do. Often times we are more excited about our projects than the homeowner. That passion, combined with an extensive amount of experience in both on-site and remote projects, yields excellent results for diamond design's clients.

  • superior installation tools and test equipment

    The Best Equipment

    From power tools and hand tools to diagnostic equipment, it is a company mantra that everyone is provided the best tools and equipment to ensure optimum efficiency, uptime and morale.

Our philosophy

The same core values since 2008

Tim Morris

We feel that the core values that James founded the company on in 2008 are what has led diamond design to be one of the fastest growing integrator's in the U.S. Those initial core values have remained, and will continue to remain, essential to the way we conduct business.


I first retained diamond design to conduct a remote install of Control4. It went surprisingly well considering it was completed 100% remotely. When we decided to install a theater in the same home, the team drove to New Jersey and installed an amazing 4K - Dolby Atmos theater well ahead of schedule. Nehal, New Jersey
We had nothing but problems with our prior system based upon Crestron. The team at diamond design put in an amazing Control4 platform and we have been extremely pleased with the results. I wish we had chosen them in the first place. Randie, West Virginia
Of all of the contractors we had on the job, the diamond design guys seemed to work the hardest and the fastest. I liked them the most out of all of the contractors on the build. Allen, Ohio
I thought Control4 was intimidating but once I used the app for about a week I realized this stuff is easy. Thanks to Cresson for making life simple and to Tim for making my rack look so neat. I would highly recommend the professionals at diamond design to anyone. Casee, Kentucky