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  • If your router is blue, shame on you.

    The starting point for a strong network, whether it's being used with a Control4 home automation system or otherwise, is the router. We feature routers from Araknis and Cisco Meraki. Both allow our team remote access, remote firmware upgrades and monitoring capabilities. A number of our employees have IT degrees and/or certifications from private and public universities.

  • If you're modem is providing your Wi-Fi, that's even worse.

    Cable modems are our favorite source for high-speed Internet. They are also our least favorite source for Wi-Fi A proper setup, which is what you'll get from diamond design, disables the router and/or Wi-Fi features of your cable modem and utilizes a dedicated router and one or more dedicated wireless access points to go along with that cable modem.

  • Why have home security without network security

    Often times we are presented with clients that have elaborate security systems but utilize an open, unsecure network. Today's criminals sometimes are more familiar with a mouse than a ski mask. Rest assured that if your network is engineered and installed by diamond design it will not only be robust but also secure. In addition, we can also configure an open guest network for your guests.

High Speed Everywhere Like lots of Wi-Fi Bars? So do we

Our team can design a Wi-Fi floor plan for your home to cover all areas, at high speeds. While some installs work perfectly fine with one wireless access point from Araknis, we've also performed installs with 18 WAPs from Cisco Meraki.

Cloud Control Monitoring and Control from Anywhere

Both our Araknis and Cisco Meraki lines feature cloud monitoring, notifications, alerts, firmware upgrades and remote support. If your dd support agreement features remote monitoring, we usually know about your network issues before you do!

Networking Services

Networking Strength

Network Design and Installation.

With multiple employees having IT degrees, we have the knowledge and equipment to design and implement the proper network for your installation. Whether it's 2,000 sq. ft. or 50,000 sq. ft. we can take care of it all.


Network and Wi-Fi Optimization.

Having Wi-Fi issues? Our techs have the hardware and software to diagnose your network, prepare a "before" report, optimize it and prepare an "after" report. We also offer Wi-Fi optimization as a standalone service.

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Cloud Monitoring and Support.

As an official Cisco partner, diamond design has the authorization and experience to design, install and manage Cisco Meraki networks which feature cloud configuration, monitoring, deployment and support.

Get "plugged in" to the right company

We've performed network plans and installations on yachts, airplanes, and mansions.
A strong network leads to a strong install and happy clients. Choose Wisely.

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