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Smart Home

  • Whole-Home Movies & Entertainment

    We can sell and install your TVs, distribute the video from a centralized location (saving on DirecTV or cable boxes), and stream movies house-wide. We are factory authorized for Sony, Kaleidescape, Prima Cinema, Popcorn Hour, Dune, and, of course, dd Smart Servers and ddNAS.

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  • Whole-Home Music & Distributed Audio

    A diamond design smart home features distributed audio throughout the house, including outdoors. You will have the ability to listen to what the TVs are watching, stream from online services like SiriusXM, Sonos, Napster, Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn, etc., or play your MP3s.

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  • Smart Wireless Lighting & Panelized Lighting

    For new construction we can install panelized lighting so that all rooms have a 1-gang lighting control. No more 4 gang plates! For homes already built we can install wireless lighting by simply removing your current light switch and popping ours in. It really makes the house Smart.

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  • Smart Thermostats & Comfort Control

    With a Control4 smart home you can control your heating and cooling from virtually anywhere in the world. You can choose from Control4's thermostat, a Nest, a Honeywell Wi-Fi or others. We can also control fireplaces, motorized shades, heated floors and ceiling fans.

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  • Outdoor Control for Pool, Pond, Fountain & Music

    We've got your outdoor control in the bag with extensive control of pool, spa, fountains, ponds and other water features. We sell Sunbrite waterproof outdoor televisions and use nearly invisible outdoor landscape speakers and subwoofers. Enjoy the outdoors my friend!

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  • Lock, Door, Gate, Intercom & Security Integration

    Want to close your garage door every night at 10 if its still open? Want to open it from Topeka? Control4 enables you to control your doors and locks from anywhere. Same thing for your security cameras and security system. See who's at your door when the doorbell rings even if you're not there!

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Control4 Smart Home The very best in smart homes

Our domain name of Control4.expert is more than just a name. We truly believe we are the very best in Control4 whether it be a 2,000 sq. ft. home to a 45,000 sq. ft. palace. We work for approximately ¼ of 1% of the world's billionaires. Seriously.

Remote Support & Monitoring 24/7 Active Monitoring Available

Did you know your AppleTV has locked up? We did and we rebooted it before you noticed. We can monitor and support virtually everything we install pro-actively fix any issues that may arise. We also have 24/7 support packages and concierge support available.

One of the top Control4 dealer's in the world

Control4 Lighting

Super Simple Whole-Home Control

One touch buttons and remotes are our specialty. We've even designed and engineered a beautiful URC MX-990 remote system for use with Control4. We encourage you to check out how simple and amazing a Control4 smart home can really be at our showroom and experience center.

Control4 Thermostat HVAC

Control Everything

We want your home to be smart and intuitive. We can control almost everything that plugs in so the limit is really up to you. If its something we've not done before (which is rare), we can usually write a custom software driver to ensure you have total control.

Control4 Music

And Control it from Anywhere

Once your diamond design smart home is complete, you will be able to control it from remotes, iPhones, iPads, touchscreens, Androids, and more from anywhere in the home and practically anywhere in the world. Babysitter can't get TV on? You can do it from the restaurant for her.

We've been making homes exceptionally smart since 2008

Even before smart home was a term we were doing it. Now we're doing it all over the US and the surrounding territories.
Need More? We've also installed Control4 systems in football stadiums, planes and yachts.

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